Tyne Subsea: Northern England’s hub for hyperbaric research, test and certification

Two distinct, but mutually supporting hyperbaric services

Tyne Subsea: Northern England’s hub for hyperbaric research, test and certification, will support both research and commercial developments to aid in the growth of subsea developments and underwater technology for businesses across the North of England.

Tyne Subsea hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric services are being provided by; BEL Valves with over 20 years’ experience of testing their own subsea equipment; and Newcastle University who are recognised as one of the UK’s leading research Universities. Drawing on these two distinct areas of expertise has allowed Tyne Subsea to offer research facilities in support of developing world-first technology and to also deliver commercial provision for hyperbaric testing.

The Tyne Subsea partnership, ‘formerly Neptune Test Centre’, has been aligned to incorporate the commercial and research collaboration under one single ‘brand’ for these mutually supporting services.

Richard Dodd, British Engines Chief Operating Officer and Tyne Subsea board member had to say:

“Tyne Subsea is a real asset to the UK’s subsea, marine and offshore industries. Providing the much-needed support and collaboration for research and skills development, it will help in strengthening the UK’s leading position at the forefront of underwater technology. “  

Tyne Subsea will now occupy two sites in Newcastle-upon-Tyne – the first at Wallsend, which is operational today offering research opportunities, academic study and skills development support. And the second is the commercial facility which will be operational at Killingworth in the second half of this year.  The hyperbaric centre which is currently operational from BEL Valves’ St Peters site, is preparing for another milestone towards the end of 2017 as it takes delivery of a new 2.5m diameter hyperbaric chamber, capable of simulating water depths equivalent to 4,500m water depth. From this date, all five commercial chambers will be available at the dedicated facility in Killingworth.

For more information about Tyne Subsea, visit the new website www.tynesubsea.com

Tyne Subsea (Colour)